Benefiting from close ties to its sister terminal companies, the engineers at CES have become experts in the bulk material handling field. 


Rail and Waterfront

For decades, CES has designed and constructed state-of-the-art rail and waterfront facilities for both its sister companies and third party clients.  In doing so, our engineers have worked with nearly all major railway and barge company in the United States.  We understand what it takes to build an efficient system that will fit within our customer's budget in addition to satisfying the specifications of all railways, barge companies, and regulatory agencies involved with the project.

The recently-constructed Four Rivers Terminal (pictured left) is a noteworthy example of our capabilities in this arena.  CES managed the design and construction of this rail-to-barge dry bulk material facility from concept to ribbon cutting and continues to provide operational support.

Electric Utilities

Our engineers understand the importance of minimizing plant operations and maintenance expenses for electric utilities and their ratepayers.  Once we've established the operational baseline for your facility, our team can help identify potential areas of optimization with respect to receiving & unloading, stockpiling & storage, and reclaiming & blending your dry bulk fuel source.  From here, we can offer ROM estimates, as well as turn-key solutions, to make these cost savings a reality.



Transloading Terminals

CES has been designing, constructing, and providing operational support for rail, truck, and barge facilities since the 1990s.  Simply put, we consider ourselves experts in this industry.


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