SCH announced the re-opening of the Pride Terminal in July 2011. Located at the gateway to the southeastern markets, Pride Terminal is poised to provide customers with solutions to new EPA regulations through the blending of western and Illinois Basin coals.

18055 Highway 72 West
Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674

Tennessee River Mile Marker 247


  • Annual Throughput: Ten million tons
  • Hourly Throughput: 4,000 tons
  • Ground Storage: One million tons
  • Train: 135-car unit train loop track
  • Barge: 50 jumbo barges


  • Rail to Barge
  • Rail to Rail (Planned)
  • Barge to Rail (Planned)
  • Barge to Barge (Planned)
  • Custom blending - up to four coal types
  • Rotary and bottom dump
  • 24/7 operations


  • Railroads: NS, BNSF
  • River: Tennessee